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Sprinklez is here to help you find your next favorite television show, movie and podcast with recommendations, a boat load of laughs and a healthy dose of fabulousness thrown in!

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    Sprinklez: Episode 27: The Kettering Incident (Prime Video); She-Ra and the Princesses of Power (Netflix); McDonald's Holiday Pie

    Hey Gang and welcome to 2019! This is going to be a great year! Starting it off right with two amazing recommendations for your listening pleasure! First off we have the mysteriously wonderful KETTERING INCIDENT (PRIME) followed by the new Netflix Redo of SHE-RA AND THE PRINCESSES OF POWER (NETFLIX) And finally we have a the just out of reach Tasty-Treat-Sensation that is McDonald's unexpectedly delicious Holiday Pie!

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    Sprinklez: Episode 26: Forever (Prime Video); The First (Hulu); Top Round Restaurant

    Howdy gang!!! Today’s episode is full of binge-worthy recommendations so snuggle up with a cup of hot cocoa and a blanket (if you’re in a region with colder weather, otherwise consider icream and shorts). Both recommendations are creative and inventive! Starting with the Prime original: FOREVER. And the Hulu original: THE FIRST. Then I have a stupendous Tasty-Treat-Sensation: Top Round Roast Beef, a restaurant which arguably has the best ice cream (At least in KY and California) Enjoy!

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    Sprinklez: Episode 24: Paquita Salas (Netflix); Absolutely Fabulous (Netflix, Prime Video,Hulu); Womens Bean Project: Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix

    Hey Gang!!! Today I recommend a couple of international comedies which will have you laughing out loud (adults only). First off is the hilarious Spanish sitcom: Paquita Salas (NETFLIX). Then I recommend an all time favorite of mine, the British comedy; Absolutely Fabulous (NETFLIX, AMAZON PRIME,HULU) which will have you in stitches! And finally a Tastey-Treat-Sensation that gives back: The Women’s Bean Project oatmeal chocolate chip cookie mix, scrumptious and socially just! ❤️

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    Sprinklez: Episode 23: London Spy (Netflix); Inspector Lewis (Prime Video); Haribo Twin Cherries Gummi Candy

    Hey Gang! Welcome to another episode of Sprinklez! Today I have an incredible five part BBC Miniseries staring Ben Wishaw, Jim Broadbent and Charlotte Rampling entitled LONDON SPY. Warning NOT for children or sensitive viewers. It is part love story, part tragedy and a lot of spy-stuff! Then I discovered that 10 seasons of Inspector Lewis are available on Prime Video and recommend a particular favorite episode and last but not least I tell you about a gummy Tastey-Treat-Sensation that will stop you in your tracks and wanting some of this yummy and gummy (and apparently not altogether heat resistant) candy!

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    Sprinklez: Episode 22: Jurassic Park (Netflix/Hulu); Stargate (Hulu/Prime Video); High Brew (Cold Brew Coffee) Mexican Vanilla

    This episode is chock full of fantastic and fun movie and television episodes recommendations to enjoy during the long hot days of summer!!! First off is Zac’s birthday recommendation: Jurassic Park (Netflix). Then one of the all time best Sci-Fi movies of all time, Stargate (Hulu/Prime Video). Then I talk about the returning seasons of, Queer Eye (Netflix), So you Think You Can Dance (Hulu), World of Dance (Hulu), and Dancing with the Stars (Hulu). NBC’s thrilling time travel show, Timeless (Hulu) was just cancelled (boo NBC) but seasons 1 & 2 are both on Hulu. Last but certainly not least, our Tasty-Treat-Sensation is “High Brew’s” delicious Mexican Vanilla, cold brewed coffee!!

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    Sprinklez: Episode 21: Seinfeld (Hulu); Nancy (Podcast); Ben & Jerry's Phish Food (Ice Cream, Hopefully available in your local grocery store)

    Hey Gang! Welcome to another FAVORITES EPISODE of Sprinklez where I recommend some of my all time favorite shows! First of one of the best sitcoms ever: Seinfeld! All episodes available on HULU. Then I recommend a ground breaking LGBT themed podcast by WNYC studios which also brings you RadioLab, Snap Judgement and On the Media. Lastly I can't contain my excitement of the Tasty-Treat-Sensation of the month: Ben & Jerry's A-MAZING ice cream flavor: Phish Food.

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    Sprinklez: Episode 20: Babylon Berlin (Netflix); S-Town (Podcast); Caffé Monster Energy Coffee (Delicious, Highly Caffeinated beverage)

    Hey Gang! We made it to 20!! Its the 20th episode of Sprinklez! Today we have two amazing recommendations. First, is the Netflix original Babylon Berlin, an intense drama set between the two world wars (not for the faint of heart!). Secondly is the unbelievably impactful documentary-style podcast, "S-Town" from the producers of This American Life and Serial. Lastly is a high energy Tasty-Treat-Sensation, which is also not for the faint of heart (literally).

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    Sprinklez: Episode 19: HOWARDS END (Netflix); NACHO LIBRE (Netflix); RUSSELL STOVER's Dip-It Chocolate Rabbit with JIF Peanut Butter To GO (Delicious Candy)

    Hey Gang! Today is a favorites episode of Sprinklez!! One of my all time favorite period pieces: HOWARDS END (1992) on Netflix, then one of my all time favorite comedies: NACHO LIBRE starring the absurdly hilarious Jack Black. And finally my latest Tasty-Treat-Sensation discovery: RUSSELL STOVER's Dip-it Chocolate Rabbit with JIF Peanut Butter To Go! YUM!!!

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    Sprinklez: Episode 18: Queer Eye (Netflix); Up and Vanished (Podcast); Panera's Ancient Grain and Arugula Salad with Chicken (Panera Restaurants)

    Hey Gang!!! Exciting news: Sprinklez is now on Spotify!!! Today's episode I recommend the new Netflix redo of Queer Eye which is surprisingly touching and inspiring! Then I tell you about a truly addictive true crime podcast: Up and Vanished by Payne Lindsey. Finally I fill you in on my latest Tasty-Treat-Sensation find: Panera's Ancient Grain and Arugula Salad with Chicken, sooo delicious and healthy!

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